• Curative anterior pelvic exenteration for pelvic recurrence after irradiated, surgically treated cervical cancer. A case report and literature review
• Asherman’s syndrome after an uncomplicated cesarian section
• A very rare cause of hemoptysis and chest pain lung endometriosis. A case report
• Hemolytic disease by isoimmunization in Rh and ABO systems in newborns. A clinical study
• Classical curettage versus Karman aspiration currettage. A comparative study
• New molecular markers for cervical precancer detection optimization. Immunocytochemistry
• The influence of gestational diabetes on fetal development. A review
• Is it time to reconsider fetal growth charts?
• Early ultrasound evaluation for fetal cardiovascular congenital abnormalities
• Psoriasis during pregnancy. A literature review
• Krukenberg tumors. Prognostic factors, surgical treatment and survival benefit. A literature review
• Evidence based considerations regarding the new ACOG labor guidelines
• Non-invasive prenatal testing for rare chromosomal anomalies
• Ultrasound during labour

Ultrasound during labour

C.A. Ionescu, C. Coroleucă, L. Pleș, M. Dimitriu, M. Banacu, R. Viezuină

Digital examination during labour is a subjective and inaccurate method, with high inter-examiners variability. The objective of this study was to ...

08 martie 2017

The influence of gestational diabetes on fetal development. A review

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that starts during pregnancy and although is an affection which may regress after birth, it leaves its m...

08 martie 2017


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